Projects & Sites

During my years as a hobbyist programmer and web developer, I've created quite a few projects that may or may not be worth sharing. I'll try to list the ones I find most interesting here on this page.

This site!

I suppose this list wouldn't really be complete without including itself in the project & sites list...

One of the reasons I created this site was so that I could learn more about RoR and get experience with it.

Another reason was the fact that I needed somewhere to put my stuff. Showcase it if you will. As you probably have discovered already, I also put a blog on it. But I have a feeling it's not going to see much use. Heh...

SharpBlade and JBlade

Find them on GitHub.

This section is going to have more information in it later…

Kristinehamns Filmstudio

Note: The site is in Swedish.

During my years in "högstadiet" (7th-9th year of elementary school) one of my teachers, who happened to be a member of a local movie group, saw my interest in making web pages. He and I talked and agreed to let me construct a website for the group where there would be information about it and upcoming movies.

The result is the site you see pictured above (which is also a link to the actual page). On it you can find info about membership costs and what movies are about to come.