A blog of sorts...

A generic bootstrap blog following the thoughts of me!

Site up and running!

It's taken quite a while since I purchased this domain until I finally got off my ass and made a site on it.

But now it's done! And hopefully I will be adding some content to it, currently there's just some text on the frontpage and then this blog...

Don't expect me to be active on this blog, it wouldn't surprise me if I post here less than once a month. But at least now I have somewhere to post!

Now to polish this system a bit, make the post dates appear nicer etc. Some SEO-friendly URLs would be nice too. Comments, maybe? Not a priority right now. You can sign up for an account now, if you wish, and be ready for when a comment system is implemented.

You can either make an account through the site, or login with GitHub. I'm going to add more login options later on... Probably...

Until next time.

Note: As the footer says, this site is open source and you can find the code in the GitHub repo

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