A blog of sorts...

A generic bootstrap blog following the thoughts of me!

Categories are live!

After battling with select2, I had to finally settle with using the trivial form of it (no fancy AJAX loading :/). Oh well, at least there are categories now! Just a single category currently: Site. It's used for this post.

Below is what the category fields looks like when creating a post:

Category field

I guess comments are next... But maybe I'll work on some other content first.

Blog categories

So I made a "mockup" (edited page in Firebug) of what a category implementation might look like:

Category mockup

Site up and running!

It's taken quite a while since I purchased this domain until I finally got off my ass and made a site on it.

But now it's done! And hopefully I will be adding some content to it, currently there's just some text on the frontpage and then this blog...

Don't expect me to be active on this blog, it wouldn't surprise me if I post here less than once a month. But at least now I have somewhere to post!

Now to polish this system a bit, make...

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